The best worst night


I hate small talk, I hate big talk
I hate liars and cheats
Don’t let the dogs out of their cages
Because they’re no longer dogs by dog definition, no longer friendly,
They turned wild and ferocious
You don’t need to ask why,
You already know the answer.

This is not an exhibition or a test of some kind
And this is not art, no it’s not!
because they’ve turned art into a freak show
Something that wants to speak with broken limbs or nuthouses held in misery,
People’s grief is a show designed to squeeze a feeling no matter the costs,
no matter the hurt,
The show is gross – the darker the better, aggressive and offensive to the eye
And everybody loves it – we have consumers
developing taste buds in this tasteless world
it’s impossible to remain unstained by the dirt

Who do you what to struggle with?
There’s always gonna be mistakes and wrong doings,
there’s always an asshole around the corner waiting for the right moment
to deliver the final blow with everything he’s got
-so forget perfect!
forget normal!
that’s always gonna be an illusion meant for dreamers,
Beautiful is not valid anymore
it fell behind, senseless,
just an old word deprived of its weight.

Tell me something that I don’t know over and over again
-like singing a love song on repeat
Talk to me with no fear of consequences,
I like naked souls – they’re always scarred yet strong
this can be the best worst night for both of us,
Sing a song quietly as if just for yourself
And let me be a silent wall
or just stay quiet until daylight
looking at the cloudy sky,
maybe start practicing on saying no and forget about pleasing others.
Please yourself, that’s a good start
We’re freezing, but we’re alive.

Nothing lasts forever.
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming.
Smile if you wanna be smiled at.
The sky is beautiful no matter the weather.
Love with all of you and say thank you to your heart for each breath.
True misery is feeling nothing.